Network performance analytics, E2E QoS Audits, optimization and recommendations based on DT measurements data and available statistics (STS, call traces, PM,CM, FM data, geo-located event based data)


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Preparation and customization of reports based on customer requirements. Automation of data collection & statistics calculation process. Integration with current data sources for efficient use of available statistics  & resources.


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RF Recommendations


Preparation of recommendations and parametrization based on available data sources. DT data correlation with PM, event based measurements, CM & FM data. Delivery of  complete view on  E2E QoS for customer.


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N-HUB Platform


N-HUB Platform


WEB platform allowing visualization and aggregation of  measurements data. Remote access via WEB Interface enables data analysis in few domains and calculation of achieved KPI for selected area in real time.
Additional client module allows drive test progress tracking and visualization of results in real time.


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Public portal a allowing access to independent measurements and benchmarking of Coverage and Internet Service Quality offered by service providers – both fixed & mobile services can be tested and verified.

Portal allows to compare your tests results with mobile & fixed operators ranking in your location. Multi filtering feature allows to compare technologies and check location of transceivers and access points.

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PM/CM/FM - OSS Tools
E2E Testing
Mobile Cloud Data
Planing & Optimization
PM/OSS Tools-Quati


Performance Management data collection and visualization tool. Multi-vendor support for OSS data fetching and processing. Compatible with Ericsson, Huawei and NSN OSS. Fast integration with other types of data sources i.e. operators data warehouse. Multi-technology support –  2G/3G/4G – LTE


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E2E (End to End) Testing


Notel is authorized reseller of TEMS Product Porfolio. Our teams performs drive test measurements using verity of tools available on the market compliant with ITU/ETSI standards. Collected measurement can either be a part of optimization, network audits, troubleshooting, benchmarking service or serve as cluster performance verification before and after hardware swap.

Notel Poland ownes fleet of  modified cars used  for drive tests and SLA veryfication purposes & as mobile LABs

As Channel Partner of INFOVISTA TEMS we can provide variety of services including rental of drive test equipment and software, drive testing and network optimization services.

Developed by Notel N-PROBE SW & HW is helping service providers and Enterprise customers to verify QoS and collect information for SLA (Software Level Agreement) monitoring and QoS verification using remote access and automatic data collection process.

We have proven  experience with major E2E Tools HW & SW & vendors. Among the others : TEMS, Anite, Dingli & Actix.


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Mobile Application


Mobile application based on Android and IoS Platform used to collect geo-located Quality of Service Data.Used as on of data sources of Public Portal & Notel Analitics.

Different deployment options starting from basic application available for non-commercial purposes (public access) to full professional solution.

Public Application – RFBENCHMARK™ – Standard Version

The basic version lets you discover features to measure Key Performance
Indicators like mobile Internet speed (Downlink/Uplink Throughp ut & Ping)
and quality of signal. Additionally user has access to geo-located service
providers benchmark ranking. Subscriber can also report an issue he
encounters by means a questionnaire.

Public Application – RFBENCHMARK™ – Professional Version

Professional version of RFBENCHMARK unlocks the full functionality of the
mobile application. By upgrading your app to professional version you get the
ability to force loop measurements with high accuracy, enhanced view of
statistics and ability to export the measurements.

Engineering Application – RFBENCHMARK™ N-PROBE
On top of functionalities known from Professional Version, the N-PROBE enables
remote control of application as well as real time monitoring via customized

Customized application – RFBENCHMARK™ Software Development Kit (SDK)
This elaborated piece of art software enables to develop own application in
various business use cases by implementing features and methodology of
RFBENCHMARK™ to 3rd party software.

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Planning & Optimization Tools


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