Why Notel?

..., why you really need us?

Notel focus on both economical and technical aspects related to wireless business process improvement and network performance efficiency.

We are experts with in-depth knowledge of telecommunication industry. With our exquisite competences we provide high quality of services for every type of network infrastructure, independently to equipment vendor.

Our tools

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..., of what service can I be? [V.Van-Gogh]

Compiling unique tools and long experience on the telecommunication market Notel Poland provides services supporting costs decrease of network operation and at the same time increase of radio network performance and customer QoS.

Consulting Services include among the others: network audits, benchmarking services, optimization process audits, vendor evaluation and technology evaluation.

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Focus on the solutions

..., but people who put them into action are priceless.

We are participating in variety of research and development projects, which allows us to shorten services delivery lead time and provide competitive pricing and unique quality.

We cooperate with leading telecom equipment vendors. Our products supports project control, analytics, PM, CM and drivetesting.

Portal RFBENCHMARK provides on daily basis free access to QoS data from cloud measurements available worldwide.

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